The Author

The Author

John Clements began visiting Africa in 2000, to train and equip missionary leaders and learners. Over the next decade, he regularly contributed to missionary leadership training conferences in Burkina Faso. During this time, he developed and honed the Maize Plant Discipleship Syllabus.

  • 2008 — instigated publication of Maize Plant Discipleship.
  • 2009 — began doctoral research into scripturally-based discipleship in African contexts.
  • 2013 — became Doctor of Missiology, conferred by Fuller School of Intercultural Studies.
  • 2013-15 — developed digital publishing platform to deliver MPD resources; authored three modules
  • 2016 — published 3 pilot texts in digital and printed-handbook formats.
  • 2018 — developed e-learning website to provide online training for Maize Plant facilitators.


  • Presented elements of Maize Plant Discipleship in Wales, Scotland, Canada, Kenya, Burkina Faso.
  • Worked bi-vocationally to facilitate his intercultural missionary involvements: as a structural engineer; running online design and print service; managing property and freelancingt.
  • Enjoys bird-spotting, hill-walking and climbing mountains.