The Goal

The Goal

The goal of Maize Plant Discipleship is to facilitate learning that moves continuously outwards, drawing whole communities into patterns of scripturally-based discipleship in living dialogue with contextual culture.

To facilitate this goal, the Maize Plant Discipleship publishing project provides a scripturally-based resource designed to be practical, relevant and accessible to leaders and learners in African contexts.

How are these values understood and interpreted by the resource?


Focussed on action, not theory

  • Establish contextual ownership of the call to serve God’s eternal purpose
  • Facilitate Scripturally-based discipleship and missional faithfulness
  • Encourage personal, communal and cultural transformation
  • Promote ongoing, generational formation of messianic disciples.


Culturally appropriate content and methodology

  • Publish a modular series of short, replicable, translatable handbooks
  • Cross boundaries of orality and literacy
    • Facilitate reflective group discussions
    • Utilise illustrations, metaphors, diagrams, testimonies, stories and spiritual insights
  • Address culturally appropriate issues:
    • holistic worldview
    • personal and corporate vocations
    • charismatic spirituality
    • suffering, overcoming
    • intercessory prayer
    • poverty, prosperity
    • messianic leadership
    • contextual transformation.


Lowering barriers, bridging divides

  • Linguistically, conceptually accessible (avoid academic, philosophical language)
  • Empower facilitators: young, women, untrained, laity
  • Encourage contextual adaption—especially vernacular “mother-tongue” translation
  • Licence free access, reproduction and translation.