Other Educators Say

Other Educators Say

I love what John is doing with this discipleship resource. I appreciate the approach to contextualisation it represents, including the humble offering of an outsider working against the colonial heritage by seeking to empower insiders.

Dr Steve Sage, Senior Pastor, Faith Evangelical Presby. Church, Michigan.

John is an exceptional person…to be congratulated for his determination and diligence…The life-changing interaction of those embraced within his field are a testimony to his skills and ability as a teacher and mentor to many.

Dr Kevin Dyson, President, New Covenant International Inc.

I have developed a deep appreciation for John and his ministry. He has a passion for God’s mission and is gifted with the ability to creatively translate that into curricula and other materials that help individuals connect God’s purpose for their lives with his larger plan for humanity.

Dr Andrew Mkwaila, Executive Minister, ICA, Missiologist, Malawi

John brings a heart fully committed to cross-cultural mutuality. His unwavering stand on this flows from clearly articulated distinctions regarding mutuality and the role of west to majority world, and back again, in both our current age and as investment for years to come.

Dr Cyndy Lavoie, Capturing Courage International Ministries

These booklets are attractive, communicate actively (which should facilitate translation into other languages), and are well-focused on basic themes. Congratulations! It is gratifying to see your vision coming to fruition.

Professor Wilbert Shenk, Senior Professor of Mission History and Contemporary Culture, Fuller School of Intercultural Studies

John identifies closely with God’s global mission. He has  a winning, pioneering spirit. His has the unusual gift of the combination of great intellectual ability with an equally great ability to make practical decisions

Bob Campbell-Lamerton, Leadership & Teamwork Consultant, The Industrial Society

It is with a sense of privilege that I commend these studies… knowing that they will take God’s heart, passion and compassion further and deeper into Africa and onwards over borders and oceans carried by the wind of the Holy Spirit.

Dr Les Norman, DCI

You are touching something that is not already existing. If we talk about evangelism, it may well be a new way of approaching evangelism, but we already have many methods of evangelism. But (as series of handbooks about scripturally-based) discipleship is really an innovative thing.

Theological Educator, Burkina Faso

The teaching…is opening up minds concerning the purpose that God has for our lives: to be blessed and become a source of blessing for others. And when you are able to understand the teaching, you are freed from every spirit of egotism…

Dr Richard Sawadogo, Mouvement des Jeunes Serviteurs de Dieu