The Significance

Maize Plant Discipleship aims at facilitating scripturally-based discipleship praxis, including the establishment of self-replicating missionary movements.

To contribute towards these aims in a culturally-appropriate manner, it attempts to bridge cultures of orality and literacy. Orality cultures and literacy cultures typically relate to the world quite differently. They reflect different capacities and values.

Literacy facilitates, establishes, strengthens

  • codification;
  • study;
  • categorisation;
  • curricula;
  • the concentration of power.

Orality facilitates, establishes, strengthens

  • function and role of memory;
  • testimony;
  • apprenticeship;
  • group dynamics;
  • ethnic and cultural identity and values.


Maize Plant Discipleship is a literary resource formulated to facilitate scripturally-based discipleship, in oral contexts. That is its significance.

  • Facilitators orally present study topics to a group, using literary study resources.
  • Learners reflect on the studies together, using questions to prompt group discussions.