Scripturally-based Discipleship

Scripturally-based Discipleship

Maize Plant Discipleship is a scripturally-based learning resource designed to be practical, relevant and accessible to leaders and learners in African and other Majority World contexts.

  • Scripturally-based discipleship refers to a pattern of learning and vocational service, guided by interaction with scripture, in relationship to others and led by the Spirit of God.
  • Practical means focussing on missionary action, rather than abstract theology.
  • Relevant means “scratching where people are itching” by employing culturally appropriate content and methodology (pedagogy).
  • Accessible means “creating a level playing field,” by lowering barriers and bridging divides.


Maize Plant Discipleship is delivered online through a Train the Trainers E-learning Course.

  • Online training of Local Facilitators and Regional Trainers
  • Includes access to multiple digital publications, licensed for use and distribution by Trainees.
  • Directed by Maize Plant Discipleship author, Dr John Clements.


Maize Plant Discipleship was originated and developed in response to leadership training conferences, in Burkina Faso

  • Republishable training resources (ebooks, handbooks) formulated in response to doctoral research.
  • Doctoral research carried out in partnership with Burkinabé missionary movements and Fuller School of Intercultural Studies.