Theological Education and Scripturally-Based Discipleship

This article presents and explores two significantly different models or paradigms of education: Theological Education and Scripturally-based Discipleship. The two concepts are briefly compared in terms of philosophical, intercultural and educational approaches. Further comparisons are then detailed in tabulated form. The table below provides a complete side-by-side comparison of a whole series of distinctions between typical … Read moreTheological Education and Scripturally-Based Discipleship

Theological education and scripturally-based discipleship

Between 2009 and 2013, during doctoral research in missiology at the Fuller School of Intercultural Studies, I explored the missiological dynamics of theological education and discipleship in the context of Burkina Faso. Theological education is what I would describe as a culturally-entrenched institution, which has spread around the world as a “global prescription” because of the phenomenal … Read moreTheological education and scripturally-based discipleship