• 2-year course
  • 9 modules / year
  • Three terms / year
    • Jan–Mar
    • May–Jul
    • Sep–Nov
  • 3 modules / term
  • 1 module / month


Alongside online e-learning course material, syllabus modules are also being published in multiple digital formats for course participants to download and utilise, under licence, including:

  • E-books (PDF; e-reader formats)
  • Print-ready artwork (print handbooks)
  • Text-only files (for translation)
  • Exclusively available to MPD Facilitator Trainees.

Year 1

Term 1

Resource Handbook
Guidelines for facilitating Maize Plant Discipleship learning groups. MPD Learning Process MPD Facilitator Role MPD Syllabus MPD Philosophy MPD Africa Factor MPD License
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Eternal Purpose
The covenants of the Patriarchs and People of Israel represent the deep roots of the Messianic Community. The Messiah is the Seed that dies to produce a rich harvest.
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The Messianic Community is commissioned by God, to join the Messiah’s mission in, towards and for the sake of the world.
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Term 2

The Messianic Community has a special vocation: to bless the nations of the world, through mediating God’s life, presence and wisdom.
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The Messianic Community has a unique and special responsibility towards the Jewish people.
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The body of the Messiah is called to fully express his life. This requires progressive corporate growth into spiritual maturity.
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Term 3

The pathway towards a fruitful harvest is to walk in practical and spiritual faithfulness.
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The Messianic Community has a priestly calling to be a house of prayer for all nations.  
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The Messianic Community is called to work amongst and on behalf of the nations of the world. It’s goal is to establish cultural transformations that signal and convey the presence
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