The MPD Facilitator Training E-learning course is structured to take place over a two year period. This spreads the workload and allows trainees to balance learning with other responsibilities.

3 terms per year

  1. January – March
  2. May – July
  3. September – November

Breaks: April, August, December

9 modules per year

  • One module per month
  • Four studies per module
  • One study per week

Includes e-learning studies and group discussions

Term 1

MPD Facilitator Training
This module: Introduces the MPD Facilitator Training Course; Provides an experience of modular e-learning, similar to that used in the MPD Facilitator Training Course. When you have completed this module, you will
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Term 2

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Term 3

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  • 1 study per week
  • 4 studies per module
  • 1 module per month
  • 9 modules per year
  • 2-year training period



Alongside online e-learning course material, each syllabus module is being published in multiple digital formats for course participants to download and utilise, including:

  • E-booksPDF; e-reader formats
  • Print-ready artworkfor print handbooks
  • Plain-text filesfor translation
  • For MPD Facilitators — during and after training.